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Follow all the news around the AURA project and its community

Aura implements the FHIR technology at the La Teppe Medical Institute

With the common goal to help epileptic patients and improve medical care, AURA and the La Teppe Medical Institute have been collborating to standardise the medical data and implement the FHIR technology into the Institute. Behind this technical jargon lies a very humane reality that gives meaning to this project.

Read the interview of two involved human beings.


The training of seizure detection models has begun successfully

The industrial components are now in place and available to the open international community. We are working with our data science team to refine the models and to assess the performance of the seizure detection systems.


AURA selected by the Epilepsy Foundation

Good news to start of this year, AURA's application was one of the 5 worldwide projects selected to participate in the Community Impact Award. The final will be held in early June on the West Coast of the United States, alongside manufacturers, researchers and doctors who support epilepsy research.  This is a significant recognition of our journey and of all the work done by our community.


Discover the outcome of the ethical mission

The philosophical reflection on Aura has highlighted the association's strengths, identified points of vigilance and formulated recommendations to ensure that AURA's approach is based on responsible innovation. In order to go further, we are going to animate, from the autumn, debates open to all to explore 4 key philosophical notions: ethics by design, health democracy, ethics and open source and technological solutionism.


The companion mobile application: Aura

Discover the first mock-up of the AURA mobile companion application, designed with and for people with epilepsy. Several months of discussions through interviews, questionnaires and meetings have led us to imagine the tool that would fit best with the needs expressed: ease of use, simple interaction with family and friends in the event of a seizure, practical content, daily help (my weather forecast, my seizure diary, adapted breathing and meditation exercises, my tips and tricks, etc.) Already praised by future users, it will be free and can work with or without the patch. Next steps: focus groups of patients at the autumn, your feedback with joy and we hope before the end of the year a young team of developers to give birth to it.

Newsletter_app mobile.jpg


co-organizer of the Open village

From November 16 to 18, Aura will be leading virtual workshops dedicated to open health projects at the Geneva Health Forum. This international event brings together more than 1600 healthcare professionals from 80 countries. This year's main topic: access to healthcare to everyone.


Thanks to the STB organisation for its support!

"Bourneville's Tuberous Sclerosis is a genetic disease in which nearly 90% of patients have epilepsy. Our mission is to federate around the STB, to supervise and support patients and families, in order to help them to live their daily lives as well as possible. Participating in the international research effort is also part of our mission. The AURA project, an associative project based on medical research, whose objective is to improve the daily life of epilepsy patients, has therefore proved to perfectly fit with our missions. This is why ASTB has decided to support the AURA project (DetectTeppe)." Emmanuelle, member of ASTB's scientific council


Approval of the Ethics Committee of the Rothschild Foundation

The Ethics Committee of the Rothschild Foundation, a guarantor of the well-being of patients and the scientific quality of medical research projects, has given us the green light to start the work carried out jointly with the Teppe medical establishment for the design of epilepsy seizure detection algorithm.


First successful workshop with Jedha!

Our project benefited from the voluntary and efficient support of 7 confirmed and supervised students for the exploration and construction of the epilepsy seizure detection model. We will be able to launch the full-scale pilot at the beginning of the school year.


AURA selected as a member of the TEKHNE program

Built with the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, and supported by the EDF foundation, this acceleration program supports – for a duration of 12 months - projects engaged for technological,
civic and social innovation, and that put technologies at the service of major societal evolutions.


Robin à Sydney pour la conférence

Yow ! Data

In may, Robin Champseix, a young data-scientist employed by Octo Techno Technology, had great success in Australia presenting the work he did with Aura for epileptic patients.


Aura strengthens its collaboration with the open source ecosystem

AURA has joined the open source hub of the Systematic parisian cluster, which should offer us visibility and new resources. We have shared our work with an enthusiastic community at the european conference they organize every year. We have also started to work with the Eclipse Foundation which provides their expertise to improve the reliability and the portability of our data processing pipeline.


Philosophy workshops open to everyone

The first philosophical workshops around the notions of "ethics by design" and "health democracy" were a great success with our community. You can find the summary on our website.
Join us for the 3rd workshop, dedicated to the notion of "technological solutionism" which will take place on Tuesday, February 8 from 7 to 8:30 pm.


DetecTeppe-Aura in "Sciences et Avenir" : Forecast epilepsy seizures

Our project caught the attention of the newspaper Sciences et Avenir, which devoted 5 pages to epilepsy and the most recent researches to alleviate this neurological pathology, which is unfortunately very widespread (more than 50 million people are affected). An effective journalistic contribution to a world tour of a little known disease...


Cardiac signal quality analysis

In daily life, it is crucial to be able to analyze the quality of the cardiac signal (electrocardiogram) at any time and regardless of the situations (badly positioned patch, loose electrode, sports activity, etc. ....). AURA delivers an open source and documented Python library for the analysis of the cardiac signal quality.


Your opinion is important to us

The year 2020, invaded by the health crisis, is opening up a wide space for rethinking our healthcare systems. We are Amaranta, Laurine and Lila, three students at the Sorbonne in the master's program in Applied Ethics. In this context, we are on a "philosophical field mission" for AURA, in order to identify ways in which it can reconcile its imperatives of efficiency and its values. Your opinion is a valuable source for our work 


Two days of intensive work at La Teppe

Aura's datascientists, hardware engineers and designers were finally able to discover in early October the medical and technical team of La Teppe as well as psychology researchers from the University of Grenoble. These intensive days made it possible to consolidate the major work in progress - building databases, patient adherence to the device, refining predictive models - and to assess the stakes: a powerful awakening for all our volunteers.


AURA and La Teppe

laureate of 2 calls for projects

We are proud to have been chosen among several hundred innovative projects around the themes of digital initiative in health and disability.

>> Discover the laureate of the "Digital initiative and disability" call for projects


Octo Technology, a loyal partner for 2 years

which brings us, in addition to significant human resources (trainees, supervisors, experts), an external validation of the technological foundations of the project in an open and passionate corporate culture.

>> Review conferences and feedbacks with Octo


AURA at the heart of the living lab of “la Teppe”

The AURA project has been integrated to the living lab project of Docteur Latour (FEHAP congress trophy – February 2019). Its ambition is to build with its potential users, simple and reliable seizure
detection devices.


Soon : a connected patch using the open hardware paradigm !

Patients are absolutely adamant : they want a patch, but not a chest belt. Aura is currently designing a prototype and analysing the reliability of the first batch of heart data available. Our target : a
medical device open for patients, and research. As a side project, the team is testing other off-the-shelf patches to measure their performance and reliability.

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