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Questions Frequently Asked

1. When will the device be available?

We are yet in a phase of medical research. We are currently preparing a pilot study to test the connected patch with 20 voluntary patients in a medical centre. The device will be available when it passes all the tests for medical certification.

2. For whom is the connected patch intended?

The connected patch is intented for epileptic patients, mainly those who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy. It is particularly suitable for people (they constitute the majority) who show cardiac disorders during their seizures. The patch is useful to anybody whose seizures (or fear of seizures) are a daily issue. By providing a seizure detection system, the Companion System enables them to get some power on their life again. At the same time, it is designed to facilitate the communication and interactions between patients, caregivers and doctors.

3. What about the data protection?

The data gathering is subjected by clinical research applicable regulations. The data we use for the pilot study is safely stored by our medical partner. Only a few of our data scientists are authorized to access the data made anonymous. They also sign a commitment to our Ethics Policy. These data are not, and will never, be sold to any third-party entity.

4. Will the device have an accessible price?

It is one of the objectives of the project, creating a device for less than 300€! The vast majority of the seizure detection devices that exist on the market are ranged from 600€ to 2000€ per year. Our non-profit and Open Science approach enables us to pool research and therefore reduce its cost.

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