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We contribute to improving the daily life of people with epilepsy

AURA designs and develops a device that detects epileptic seizures and warns patients ahead for
safety purposes.
Non Profit

AURA is a French NGO (“loi de 1901” statut)

  • It involves patients, medical doctors and engineers.

  • It has a free perspective thanks to independent experts

  • It builds a trustworthy ecosystem in the interest of epileptic patients


AURA federates engineers and medical doctors in order to

  • Combining cutting edge technologies and medical high standards

  • leverage the latest Machine Learning technologies

  • bring the best performance, price, durability and ease of use to the device


AURA chose an open science policy to

  • mutualize the efforts of all the parties involved

  • keep the R&D efforts as transparent and reproducible as possible

  • reduce barriers to entry, misunderstanding, releases from companion systems

AURA is creating a multidisciplinary community integrating open-source and open-hardware philosophies into the world of health.

"My biggest fear,

is to have a seizure whilst I carry my

daughter in my



Aura has 3 main goals:

  • Improving the daily tracking of seizures

  • Reducing the risk of accidents caused by unpredictable seizures, directly or indirectly

  • Bringing more peace of mind and autonomy to epileptic patients

The Companion System


A connected


A connected patch that embeds a seizure detection system and allows the patient a prompt reaction.


A mobile application

An intuitive and playful companion app for mobile devices that enables the patient to have a better understanding of his disease, to design a journal of seizures, to share information with neurologists and other caregivers, etc.

Le systeme compagnon

How does it work?

Comment ça marche ?
Aura aims to deliver a detection device based on real-time monitoring of physiological signs that occur prior to an epileptic seizure. Thanks to the embedded algorithms based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies, the system works with all patients and enables a customized monitoring.
Heart rate variability
Body movements
2022-2023 Goals:
The pilot study
A clinical study with 20  voluntary patients equipped with the connected patch
Beginning in the fall of 2022
Develop and document
a reliable seizure detection system

Evaluate the companion system
In a partner medical centre
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A non-profit organization

AURA can rely on a proactive team that benefits from the support of mentors, a scientific comittee and a large community of contributors.

 volunteers hours
worked in 2020/2021

contributors joined
the community
professions working for the project: data scientist, neurologist, designer, ergonomist, writer, psychologist ...
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The organization

We need your help !

To stay independent, AURA is funded from foundations (via call for projects), Patients' Associations, and donations.

To help us develop the device faster,
To support our philosophy,
To follow our latest news ...
Join the community !

AURA being recognized as of general interest, you benefit from a tax reduction of up to 66% of your donations.

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